Scenario #9 - Don't Panic

Let's (not) go to Mars

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With: Alice Gorman, Angelo Vermeulen, Leo Fidjeland & Linnea Våglund (Nonhuman Nonsense) & Marjolijn van Heemstra
When: April 5th, 15:00-18:00

Mankind has a drive for expansion that reaches beyond our own planet. We feel an urge to propagate, to grow and to expand, so we developed space travel and embarked upon a cosmic exploration. Traveling through space has taught us a lot about other planets, but even more about ourselves. We send humans to the moon and robots to Mars, and we send satellites billions of miles away to gather information.

Around 2020, NASA-satellite Voyager 1 will reach interstellar space. It will be the first space probe to leave our solar system. What will we discover? Alien life? Even better - a planet that is so like our own Earth that we can ensure the safety of our kind?

Talk of colonization has dominated the discussions regarding space travel in the previous years. The necessity is clear: the Earth is running out and we need a planet B. But does that even exist? Initiatives like Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Mars 2117 and the failed Mars One project set out with hopes to find alternative habitations for humans, away from planet Earth. Mars ideologists dream of mankind transitioning into a multi-planetary species: creatures from Earth that have settled on more than one planet. How much hope does the dream of living on the red planet carry? Will we do the same damage there as we did on earth? Will we repeat our history with war, slavery and unequal divisions of capital and power?

How much hope does the dream of living on the red planet carry? Will we do the same damage there as we did on earth?
Alice Gorman © Daniel Kucek

Alice Gorman

Archaeologist Alice Gorman, AKA ‘Dr. Space Junk’, is specialized in orbital debris, deserted tracking stations and abandoned launching and landing strips. In short, space junk.
In her book ‘Dr Space Junk vs the Universe: Archeology and the Future’, Alice delves deeper into the traces she encounters not only in space but also here on Earth. From broken zippers, intertwined around an out-of-order space antenna, to the American flag, prominently planted on our moon; her discoveries always raise interesting questions.

Why did Elon Musk’s red Tesla have to go into space?

“To an archeologist, objects from the past are significant because they remind us of what we might want to hold on to in the future." - Alice Gorman
Angelo Vermeulen

Angelo Vermeulen

Angelo Vermeulen is a researcher, biologist and artist in space travel. In 2017 he was selected by newspaper De Tijd as one of the Top 5 Tech Pioneers in Belgium. Vermeulen is a co-founder of SEAD (Space Ecologies Art and Design): a cross-disciplinary, international collective of artists, scientists, engineers and activists with the shared objective of reshaping the future through critical research and hands-on experimentation.

Nonhuman Nonsense Sara Kollberg

Leo Fidjeland & Linnea Våglund (Nonhuman Nonsense)

Driven by research, the design duo Nonhuman Nonsense explores the boundaries between art, science, technology and philosophy. They create fairy-tale-like scenarios from the near future that lies somewhere between utopia and dystopia. By naming and testing political and ethical issues, the duo challenges the existing structures of power and creates space in our field of experience for other entities alongside humans. Nonhuman Nonsense is one of the three winners of the ACT Awards 2020. Their brand-new work Planetary Personhood: Martian Matters stands up for the rights of Mars, is part of the EXPO at STRP Festival 2020.

Marjolein van Heemstra Maarten van der Kamp

Marjolijn van Heemstra

Self-proclaimed ‘nuanced activist’, Marjolijn van Heemstra is “a writer who makes theater”. She is a poet, writer, columnist, theater-maker and journalist and prefers to do all this at the same time. Until March of last year, Heemstra wrote a weekly column for Trouw. Now she is Space Travel Correspondent for De Correspondent, where she researches how space can give us a new perspective on the Earth and the future. “Major steps are being taken outside our atmosphere, while we struggle on down here on Earth. Space as unexplored territory, as a mystery, as – well, space? It’s starting to fill up rapidly.”

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  • 5 Apr
    15:00 – 18:00

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