Get to know the future

Every year STRP Festival invites remarkable thinkers, artists, designers and speakers from all over the world to share their perspective on the future, here in Eindhoven. In an international exhibition, a significant STRP Scenario program and four eccentric nights out, we discover and develop new scenarios for the future together with our guests.

This year, a selection of participating experts is ready to give mbo, bachelor and master students an exclusive masterclass: specials, organized during and around the festival (1 - 10 April) at your school or (close to) STRP Festival.

Travel through time with Indian designer and futurist Pupul Bisht and discover what ‘later’ might look like. Or learn from Australian professor Alice Gorman and discover how you can shape future societies through language. Prefer something more active and tactile? Performance collective KNOT Kollektiv teaches us how ‘touch’ can ensure us to live together healthy and happily ever after. Finally, sound artist Antoine Bertin crawls under our skin and investigates how DNA can magically turn into music.

All masterclasses are booked per group. Dates and locations are stated per workshop, times are flexible. Students who participate in a workshop get free access to the EXPO at our festival.

1 - 10 April 2020
20,- to 40,- per participant, including entrace ticket STRP EXPO (worth 10,-)
Register before 13 March via shirley[at]strp.nl.
Capacities are limited

Masterclass 'Touch' (EN,NL)

Breaking taboos with KNOT Kollektiv
Click here for more information about the Masterclass.

Masterclass '10 Steps of Time Travel™'(EN)

A collective journey through the past and present with designer-futurist Pupul Bisht
Click here for more info about the Masterclass.

Masterclass 'Futurolinguistics' (EN)

Explore future worlds with space archeologist Alice Gorman.
Click here for more info about the Masterclass.

Masterclass 'ATGC Music' (EN) - SOLD OUT!

Compose new soundtracks to life with Antoine Bertin.
Click here for more info about the Masterclass.

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