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In the next months, STRP is launching several hands-on assignments for secondary education pupils and mbo students, enabling them to work completely independent at home, using Instagram. For educators, we offer a manual to brief the assignment and to reflect on it together with the pupils afterward.

Note: all assignments and instructions are in Dutch only.

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Antoine Bertin

Assignment #02 – May 2020

Pupils and students work from their homes and explore and analyze nature. They collect data and use this to create an abstract piece of music and a matching visual collage. Thinking about what a tree can sound like, or a river might be a completely new experience. Inspired by their own surroundings and work of artist Antoine Bertin, they learn how they can convert data into sound and how you can get a different relationship with nature through sound.

Instructions #2

Assignment #01 – April 2020

Pupils and students are challenged to look differently at their home environment and the things around them. Which items have more or less value in this new situation? Can we assign a value to the things around us by giving them a different function, position or role? Inspired by artworks by Nonhuman Nonsense, pupils and students reflect on needs and values, intending to stimulate a conscious, critical and authentic point of view.

Instructions #1

Collaborate with STRP DigiSchool?

The closure of schools established that schools made their education digital in a very short time. We find the vigor and creativity we saw and still see very admirable. From STRP, therefore, a digital applause and a lot of respect for you educators! We can imagine that despite these achievements, there are still many challenges and questions. If you think that STRP can play a role in this, please contact or 06-14982414 to discuss possible collaborations.

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