STRP x Emoves


STRP Festival is being rescheduled, for more information click here.

When: April 2nd, 20:00 - 00:00
Where: DOMUSDELA, Eindhoven

EMOVES started in 2012 as an annual festival and has since then grown into a household name in Urban Eindhoven. Started by Dynamo (UrbanLab040), Area51 Skatepark and The Ruggeds, EMOVES is a platform that supports and reinforces urban initiatives by helping (young) makers and creatives with their plans in and for the city. “Urban Culture is a collective name for a creative and artistic lifestyle based on the mentality of learning by doing, entrepreneurship and innovation. It is the culture of young people who usually cannot find the existing culture in the city. We have learned in recent years that the "do it yourself" mentality of this scene should not be lost. "

During STRP Festival, STRP and EMOVES present an explosive collab between next-level hip-hop producer Thriftworks and next-next-level street dance talent Matthew "ET" Gibbs.

“Working together with STRP reinforces the creative spirit of the city. We take the best of Urban to STRP Festival!”

Matthew ET Gibbs x Thriftworks


(Berkeley, California) is a young producer of progressive, electronic music, who mixes together eclectic samples and explosive bass in such a way that makes it impossible to classify his sound – unless you want to use the term ‘Downtempo Experimental Glitch’. Disarmingly slow hip hop beats, sublime soundscapes and “lots of ethnic stuff” come together in a deep sonic adventure you’ll want to get lost in forever.

Matthew ET Gibbs

(LA) leads the way when it comes to Alternative Street Dance. His completely original, personal style is a free combination of Flex, Bonebreaking and Tutting. Matthew expresses these different dance styles in inimitable, extraordinary movements and narrative illusions in which you can endlessly search for a beginning or an end.

& Time

  • 2 Apr
    20:00 – 00:00

How to get there?

Tramstraat 37
5611 CN Eindhoven