STRP x Plasma


STRP Festival is being rescheduled, for more information click here.

When: April 4th, 20:00 - 01:00
Where: DOMUSDELA, Eindhoven

Smartphones off and world on: offline platform PLASMA flashes you back to reality with a magical night in which visitors change into speakers and discussions change into parties. There’s room for everything here, except repetition: thanks to glitches and distortion, PLASMA always looks different. “This is the new going out.”

The hopeful countermovement by Jess Øberlin – host of the evening and founder of the platform – is palpably present in the city. “PLASMA reveals an underlayer that must be seen and is able to help us talk about vulnerabilities.” (– Cultuur Eindhoven)

Come and see for yourself why PLASMA won the Eindhoven Cultuurprijs in 2019 and get yourself some positive change. The future is unsure, we live in the NOW. You are PLASMA.”

Line-up: During STRP x PLASMA Lotic will perform live on stage. DJ Elle Riche, Cindy van der Loon, Oklahumma, Fieke van Berkom, Kyara, House Of Holographic Hoes.

Lotic Matt Lambert


Contrary club music with an avantgarde vocal sound. This is how Lotic’s work can best be described.

Raised in Houston, Texas, USA Lotic (J’Kerian Morgan) learned and studied electronic music and saxophone, and moved to the German capital in 2012. As one of the founders of the Janus collective, Lotic debuted in Berlin with her debut album Power (2018), with which she discovered not only her musical power, but also her identity as transgender woman: “With feeling more like yourself you gain a different kind of confidence. I always joked that I never thought I could be more confident, but somehow I am.”

During STRP Festival, Lotic surrounds herself with a ring of light and lasers, in her wild AV performance Endless Power (2019): “I knew that I wanted to be on stage (…) with a visually interesting show that does not take away from the fact that I am the focal point.

Dream away on the beats and drums that stem from her love for Texan marching bands and be enchanted by the mythical-futuristic performance in which Lotic spreads her wings.

& Time

  • 4 Apr
    20:00 – 01:00

How to get there?

Tramstraat 37
5611 CN Eindhoven