The Guerrilla Research Adventure

Full day program with micro-interventions, hacks and pop up, for (un)learning and provoking new ideas and ways of embodying change

A group of people active in art, design, research and strategy team up for a joint research adventure to explore new insights and perspectives for transformational change. By involving a collection of playful methods and tools their aim is to open up perspectives and to rethink existing values and beliefs in a society of change.

The Guerrilla Research Adventure is an experiment to increase our understanding of transformational change by embodying a first, second and third person perspective. In this experiment we want to untangle the underlying emotions often implicitly involved in collaborative structures and transformation processes, such as empathy and trust. How to catalyse our actions by embodying alternate perspectives in a playful way? Expect a full day of micro-interventions, hacks and pop up, for (un)learning and provoking new ideas and ways of embodying “Change”. The conference, as a place for exchanging inspiring ideas amongst peers, is the setting to challenge anyone to unconference the body and the mind, to start exploring the senses. Wild and unknown.

The Guerrilla Research Adventure is part of the Creative Economy and the research track Design for Transformative Practices at Fontys. This research track aims to support and promote new ways of working and thinking by collectively exploring the role of art and design in light of new paradigm shifts. By exploring how art and design practices can enable socially, environmentally and economically sustainable communities, the notion of systemic transformation for the 21st century is forged.

Meet your Guides:

Reon Brand is Senior Director Foresight and Socio-cultural trends at Philips Design. He is responsible for gaining understanding of emerging future contexts, changing paradigms and changing behaviour in health and well-being.

Caroline Hummels is Full Professor in Design and Theory for Transformative Qualities. She is leading the Participatory Health and Wellbeing section of the Interdepartmental Strategic Area of Health, and is thought leader of Smart Societies within the TU/e Smart Cities Research program.

Dick Rijken is director at STEIM Amsterdam, Lector at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and visiting researcher at Minerva Art Academy in Groningen.

Pierre Levy
is Assistant Professor of Everyday Transformation. Lévy is interested in applications of philosophy on interaction design, especially of applying embodiment theories and Japanese philosophy and culture to the everyday.

Olga Mink is research leader Design for Transformative Practices within the Creative Economy at Fontys. She is also the director of Baltan Laboratories. Her passion for creating connections between art, design and other domains falls into place in both roles.

& Time

  • 4 Apr
    11:30 – 16:00