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STRP Festival 2023

Festival 2023 — The Art of Listening

STRP Festival 2023: The Art of Listening

From 13 to 16 April 2023, STRP Festival dives deeper into the theme of 'The Art of Listening'. In our society we prefer seeing to hearing and speaking to listening. Self-expression is what drives thinking, science and our social media. Now that social media serve as a megaphone for the masses, and anyone can voice their opinion at any time, STRP wonders who is left to listen. How can we revalue and reclaim the art of listening? With this question in mind, STRP is looking to collaborate with artists, designers, thinkers, and makers in order to translate the theme of Listening into original, critical and innovative works or scenarios for the future. Learn more about the theme here.


In STRP Expo, national and (inter)national artists present 14 mostly new works that explore listening as a method. What would an environment for active and empathetic listening look like? How can we train our ears and hearts to be more receptive to our fellow human beings, to plants and animals, to nature? All artists are inspired by the Deep Listening practice of Pauline Oliveros.
Please note: your Expo ticket is valid for all 4 days, so you can rejoin our exhibition as many times as you like.

STRP Scenarios

STRP Scenarios is an on-going series of public talks that focus on the ethics of technology and the impact it has on individuals and society. This year again, STRP is collaborating with creative co-creators to put together exciting formats and find surprising ways to delve into the theory and initiate conversations. The theme of the festival will be made tangible in three hybrid sessions about different subthemes and using different ways of interaction. You can join all STRP Scenarios online with the STRP Digital ticket. The STRP Scenarios will take place on 13, 14 and 15 April 2023.
Please note: STRP Scenarios require a separate ticket that can be found in the ticketshop.

STRP Education

STRP's educational programme is an accessible way for students and teachers to get to know the festival's wide-ranging programme. Guides will take young people by the hand, teach them more about the theme and the artworks, and encourage them to explore the topic of listening together. For more information visit our STRP education website.


Live performances are of great value to STRP and take place all over the festival. Within this year's STRP Expo, Maotik and Maarten Vos will give a live show integrating their work and there will be 'interventions' by Shock Forest Group. Soundpracticioner Loma Doom curates a special night for STRP, called Open Field. An evening full of live performances and DJ’s taking place on Saturday april 15.
A visit to all performances, including Open Field, is included in your Expoticket.


This year, STRP Festival will take place at 3 locations in the city center of Eindhoven: De Heuvel, Microstad and Catharinakerk. The locations of the STRP Expo works can be found in the program overview below. At Catharinakerk there is one work on display, which can also be visited by everyone free of charge. Tickets can be exchanged for a festival wristband at both De Heuvel and Microstad. The STRP Scenarios, artist talks and Open Field will take place in Microstad.


There will be daily artist talks at the Hangout in Microstad and you can join a Deep Listening workshop on Sunday. STRP Frequencies is our live radio station that will broadcast both online and offline, the homebase of Frequencies is in Microstad. At Residency for the People you can experience the Misophonic Orchestra on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. On Sunday philosopher Miriam Rasch will present a ‘closing keynote’ to reflect on STRP Festival 2023.

STRP Digital

STRP also offers a digital environment for the festival, containing an Online Expo in which you can experience two hybrid artworks, and all three STRP Scenarios which are broadcasted live.
Note: The STRP Digital ticket gives access to the online STRP Expo plus the STRP Scenarios livestreams. The Online Expo can be visited with a regular STRP Expo ticket as well.



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