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STRP explores the relationship between art, technology, and major societal issues with the general public, artists, designers, media makers, and thinkers. The Eindhoven-based organisation starts a dialogue about speculative future scenarios with various events throughout the year and an annual festival in the spring.


While the idea of an infinite earth is becoming increasingly improbable, the desire for an eternal life in the digital cloud is growing. STRP Festival 2022 invites artists and the public to think about the meaning of infinity and possible alternative scenarios for our future. What strategies can we devise to break our addiction to material growth? And how can technological progress bring connection instead of abandonment?

From 7 to 10 April 2022, artists, thinkers and performers were determined to find answers to these questions. For four days, various locations in the center of Eindhoven have been dedicated to visual art, technological perspectives, experimental dialogues and musical performances.

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