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New Scenarios for the Internet

Panel with Ruben Verborgh, Floris Kaayk, Geert-Jan Bogaerts / Public Spaces

From the original promise of the internet as a public domain where non-profit information is widely shared is not much left. How can we organize the power of online communities in a non-commercial way?

How can we become boss of our own data again? Can we build our own internet?

These questions form the starting point for a panel discussion with three guests who think it should be different and can be different. Each from different practices and a different perspective, they explain how they are working on a new scenario for the internet. With:

Ruben Verborgh is a professor of Semantic Web Technology at Ghent University. He works on Solid, a new ecosystem started by Web Inventor Tim Berners-Lee. Ruben thinks about new scenarios for data, whereby data privacy is guaranteed. His starting point: decentralisation of personal data storage and giving control of this data back to the rightful owners.

Geert-Jan Bogaerts will participate in the event on behalf of Public Spaces. Public Spaces is a new Dutch platform (among others by VPRO, Pakhuis De Zwijger, De Waag and the Dutch Film Festival)that aims to strengthen the public domain in the online environment and repair the internet.

Commercial social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram dominate our online lives.

We share our experiences, opinions and preferences there and feed all kinds of commercial parties. Public Spaces considers it possible to organize the power of online communities in a non-commercial way.

The artist's perspective comes from Floris Kaayk. His latest project, Next Space Rebels, Reclaim the Orbit, a preview of which can be seen in the STRP Expo, is a disguised commentary on the dangers associated with further commercialization of the internet. But perhaps even more important, with this work Kaayk offers an alternative; In the first phase of the project, Next Space Rebels creates the Rebel Network, a new independent internet. There is no government censorship, tracking and privacy violation on this autonomous satellite network. Together with an international community of engineers, software experts and hackers, Next Space Rebels fights for the decentralization of space travel and the independence of the internet.

During STRP they think together with us how to achieve those goals.

STRP conference: New Scenarios for the Future

Together with Fontys University of Applied Sciences Creative Economy, STRP is organising a dynamic, two-day conference program in which the speakers share new inspiration, new images and new ideals that we need to build a hopeful future. We present a lively program with keynotes, panels, performances, encounters with artists and tours through the exhibition

Part of STRP conference day 2: The New Internet

There’s not much left of the original promise of the internet as a true public domain. How can we organize the power of online communities in a noncommercial way, how can we become boss of our own data? Can we maybe even build our own internet?