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New Scenarios for Sci-fi

Keynote by Sophia Brueckner

Sophia Brueckner (US), born in Detroit, is an artist, designer and engineer. She has been inextricably linked to computers since the age of two and she believes she is a cyborg. Brueckner studied Computer Science and worked as a software-engineer at Google. She now works as assistant professor at the Art and Design School of the University of Michigan, where she teaches sci-fi prototyping and creative programming. Her aim is to combine her background in technology with an artist’s perspective in order to create new technologies that will benefit our mental wellbeing.


This keynote is made possible by Het Nieuwe Instituut with the support of the Ministery of Foreign Affairs.

STRP conference: New Scenarios for the Future

Together with Fontys University of Applied Sciences Creative Economy, STRP is organising a dynamic, two-day conference program in which the speakers share new inspiration, new images and new ideals that we need to build a hopeful future. We present a lively program with keynotes, panels, performances, encounters with artists and tours through the exhibition.

Part of STRP conference day 1: Positive Futurism

During day 1 of the conference & dialogue programme we will discuss, with the guests and audience, which conventions we should renounce once and for all in order to think beyond the here and now.