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Rhythmic Resonance

— Festival 2021

STRP Scenario #12

‘I believe this is when singing was born. Rain was falling, waterfalls, rivers and sea waves, the Earth rumbling. Then the wind joined in, each reed, stem, branch became flute, organ, oboe, horn. The planet became musical, the world orchestral, its beings melodical.’
Vinciane Despret - Phonocene

Rhythmic Resonance is an event focusing on the signals, silences and rhythms in the natural world. Fungi, trees, birds, whales, our planet resonates with oscillations, communications and patterns as diverse as the life form that produce them. What are the origins of these sounds? How do living beings use them? How can we learn from them? Rhythmic resonance is an opportunity to discover the sound recordings and data sonification, the scientific discoveries and artistic interpretations, that allows us to listen and be inspired by the silences, signals and rhythms of the non-humans.

STRP Scenario #12 questions where rhythm emerges, and how it works. Join the collective, meditative audio experience.

Co-creator Antoine Bertin