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Exercises in Killing our Egos

— STRP Scenario #4

Can we imagine a future in which mankind is less dominant, less arrogant? With this STRP Scenario we introduce our theme for STRP 2020, our upcoming festival from 2-5 April.

We are currently living in the Anthropocene, an era in which human influence is a dominating factor for the future of life on Earth, with all its ecological, humanitarian and social consequences. We – humans – tend to place ourselves in the centre of the universe and to behave as superior to nature, plant, animal and thing. In the Post-Anthropocene, humans are no longer at the top of the pyramid. Our position has been decentralised and is equal to that of nature, technology, objects and intelligent systems. We are no longer the benchmark of things and have freed ourselves from philosophical superiority.

The special guests of STRP Scenario #4 are:

Erno Eskens is a philosopher, political scientist, author and philosophy and history publicist at Boom Uitgevers Amsterdam. He fights for animal rights. In his book Democratie voor Dieren (Democracy for Animals) he analyses the radical side of the animal protection movement and develops a legal-philosophical animal philosophy.

Emke Idema is a dramatist. She sees her theatre as a laboratory of society in which the visitor, knowingly or unknowingly, always plays a role. For STRP Festival she is making a science fiction game in which the players create a new world order that re-shapes the relationship between people and plants.

Anna Gimbrère is a scientific journalist. She studied theoretical physics at the University of Amsterdam. For long time her life was dominated by the dream of becoming an astronaut. She made the programme De Wilde Ruimte for VPRO, about the special developments in space travel.

Ruben Jacobs is a sociologist, writer and teacher of sociology and psychology at the HKU. In 2014 he published his first book ‘Everyone is an artist’ in which he researches the current position of the artist. In his second book 'Artonauten, on expedition in the Anthropocene' he examines how art relates to this new ecological reality, and how artists use science and technology to research our relationship with Earth.

Anne de Vries is a researcher and lecturer in Private Law at Tilburg University and a member of the Tilburg Environmental Law team. Anne holds a master degree in private law and environmental law and has lived and studied in New Zealand, which triggered her interest in the Maori culture and more harmonious relationship with nature.

Moderator and host for the evening is Annemarie Wisse.

STRP Scenario is an on-going series of public talks that focus on the ethics of technology and the impact it has on individuals and society. Programme partners of STRP Scenario are Fontys, MU and SingularityU Benelux. STRP Scenario is made possible by contributions from Brabant C, Regio Deal Brainport Eindhoven, Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven and Creative Industries Fund NL.

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