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— Award for Creative Technology

The STRP ACT Award stimulates the production of new artworks, whilst also providing the opportunity to present specific works in our exhibition that resonate with our festival theme.
For the 2022 edition of the ACT Award, there will be three grants.

Alongside budget, STRP offers guidance for the development and production, and presentation of new work during STRP Festival, which takes place from April 7 to 10, 2022 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Festival Theme

For a long time, we considered the life span of our planet as infinite. We considered economic growth as progression; growth was our collective obsession. At the same time, we are stretching the life span of human beings and according to posthumanism we could live forever, a digital life in the cloud, without a mortal human body. The concepts of growth and infinity need serious reconsideration. We are in big need of a long-term political vision that incorporates the interests of future generations.

In 2022 STRP will focus on the question: how do we deal with the end of infinity? What strategies can we create to break up our addiction to (material) growth? How can tech- nological progress, which we tend to strongly associate with the idea of ‘growth’, be deployed to serve the ideal of ‘less’? How can technological innovation be used for downscaling and reducing surpluses and contribute to the concept of shrinking?

STRP seeks collaboration with artists, experts, and thinkers to develop new and visionary scenarios for degrowth and new perspectives on infinity.

The ACT Awards

• ACT 1 One grant of €10.000 for artists that recently graduated or are still studying
• ACT 2 and 3 Two grants of €20.000 for professional artists


Entries for the ACT Award should be submitted via act@strp.nl no later than Sunday April 4, 2021.
A jury will assess the project plans and select the winners.

A complete entry includes

• A description of the project (max 2 A4, in English) in which you also explain how the project will be executed both offline and online
• Two to four photos/illustrations and/or a link to a video that illustrates the project
• A clear and sufficient budget plan* that fits in the maximum budget. Please note that the budget you are requiring can be smaller than the maximum
• A notification for which grant you are applying
• An up-to-date CV

Please submit this information in a pdf of 5 pages maximum.
Each artist or collective can apply with no more than 2 projects.

*The budget includes a fee, research, materials, execution of the work offline and online, (rental) equipment, transport, travel, and accommodation.

Diversity and inclusion

STRP is an organization that stands for an inclusive culture, in which artists from any cultural background, ethnic, religious, or sexual background, gender, and age are more than welcome.

The jury

Ali Eslami (Artist, based in Amsterdam)
Anca Verona Mihulet (Curator, based in Seoul)
Antonia Folguera (Curator at Sonar+, Barcelona)
Nadine Roestenburg (Program Manager at STRP,the Netherlands)
Sarah Bilson (Junior curator, based in Montreal)
Ton van Gool (STRP Director, the Netherlands)

Important dates

• Deadline for applications: April 4, 2021
• Announcement of the winners: May 1, 2021
• STRP Festival: April 7-10 2022

Questions and more info
For questions, you can contact Ton van Gool, Director, at ton@strp.nl.
More info about STRP: www.strp.nl

Photo image; ACT winner 2021 - Choreographic camouflage - Liam Young