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STRP Festival Expo

— Festival 2021

We need new forms of connection – what could they be? STRP Festival 2021 wonders; how can we better serve the collective as individuals? How can art, technology, and nature inspire us to get together? And how can technology be used to unite us?

We selected 14 new and authentic works by national and international artists that rule the screen and took our theme All of Us as inspiration. Our digital-savvy artists understand how to work with Art for screens – they use the specific space in which the work will be communicating with the viewer. They played with interactivity, colors, movement, shape, and position in a flat world. You will find 3D worlds, video animation, alternate realities, art created with bots and use of algorithms and project videos.

So, this expo is, as you have come to expect from STRP, not all sit and watch. Enjoy our art installations that take you away from your screen. Join the digital tour, if you long for guidance, and if you want to get together with others, you can even meet us in the bar!

Anouk Kruithof | Antoine Bertin | Boris Acket & Maarten Vos | Dalena Tran | Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley | Disnovation.org | Iman Persoon | LaTurbo Avedon | Lawrence Lek | Liam Young | Lundahl & Seitl | Post-neon | Tega Brain & Sam Lavigne | Zeno van den Broek | STRP Bar - The Hmm | STRP Tour - affect lab