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STRP presents Next Space Rebels

— Nederlands Film Festival

Get ready for the launch!

Next Space Rebels is an innovative game and interactive story about the democratization of space and the struggle for a new, independent Internet. It is the latest project by artist Floris Kaayk. Next Space Rebels reflects on the social discourse around the commercialization of online public space, the increasing drive for views and subscribers and on current developments within the world of do-it-yourself space travel. An increasing number of amateur space programs are being established worldwide with the goal of developing rockets and satellites at minimal cost. The goal of these programs is to reach Low Earth orbit to transform this area into a public place for all. This is in stark contrast to space cowboys like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson who make space tourism available to the richest on earth.

In Next Space Rebels you build your own rockets to launch a satellite into Low Earth orbit. Through these satellites the dream of a free and independent internet can be realized. This way, global economic superpowers no longer call the shots and citizens and their data are reduced to commodities. A new, alternative online network as a sanctuary is the goal.

Celebrate with us the festive launch of Next Space Rebels during Dutch Film Festival 2021. The premiere will be held in Dutch.

Floris Kaayk

Floris Kaayk is a digital artist who focuses on futuristic fantasies and technological progress, sometimes by showing the benefits, other times by presenting the negative consequences. In 2014, Kaayk won the Volkskrant Visual Arts Prize with his animations and semi-documentaries. With Witch Doctor, the music video he made for De Staat, he won a UK Music Video Award, the Edison Pop award, European Music Video Award and in 2019 "Best Dutch music video ever" by 3voor12, among others. With The Modular Body, Kaayk won a Golden Calf in the category Best Interactive in 2016. In 2017, he won the Witteveen+Bos for Art+Technology.

© Viorica Cernica

Anna Gimbrère

Anna Gimbrère is a science journalist and presenter.
After studying theoretical physics, she made the step to television as an editor for "the National Science Quiz". After that she contributed to various science programs, both in front of and behind the camera.
She presented, among others, the six-part series "De Wilde Ruimte" (VPRO); "Bodem in zicht" (NTR) and now "Pointer" (KRO-NCRV) and "Anna's Brains" (VPRO).
Anna is convinced that science and technology are moving the world forward. Her mission is to popularize science and familiarize people with the possibilities of technology.

Anna Gimbrére

Jade Olieberg

Jade Olieberg is one of the most talented Dutch actresses of her generation. Since graduating from the Academy for Theatre and Dance Amsterdam, she has appeared in Van God Los (2011), Overspel (2012), Penoza (2017), Ik Weet Wie Je Bent (2018), the German series Der Amsterdam Krimi (2020) and ANNE+ season 1 and 2 (2018-2020). She has also been seen on stage, including LAURA H., the theater adaptation of the award-winning book about a Dutch ISIS bride. For this role, Jade was nominated for the prestigious Theo d'Or theater award.

© Lin Woldendorp

Geert Lovink

Geert Lovink is a media theorist, internet critic and activist. He works as a lecturer at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam where he founded the Institute for Network Culture in 2004. It runs international research networks on social media alternatives, blockchain, crypto and other revenue models for the arts (called MoneyLab), online video platforms and experiments with digital publishing. His recent books are Organization after Social Media (2018, co-authored with Ned Rossiter), Sad by Design (2019) and Made in China (2019, co-authored with Mieke Gerritzen).

© Marita Liulia

Tess van Hulst

Tess van Hulst has been going out with her father to launch his homemade rockets since she was a little girl. Now she is busy with this hobby herself and invents, builds and launches her own rockets. The rockets can't be big enough for her and one goes even faster into the air than the other.

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