A Sense of Gravity

Teun Vonk

Where visual artist Teun Vonk previously researched and recorded human behaviour in photo and video works, he has taken a radically different direction in the past two years. He has swapped the camera for technically immersive installations that focus on the creation of a universal experience. With his installations he tries to communicate his vision on the relevance of physically being the human of the future. Vonk assumes, namely, that the level of digitalisation and automation will only increase in the future, and that the relationship between man and machine, and the way we think about it, will change significantly. With A Sense of Gravity he has started researching into man’s metamorphic desire to disengage from the forces of gravity. He hopes that his installation will bring about a change in perception towards gravity at an individual level.

Credit header imager: Florian Braakman


Please note: our artists challenge you to think critically about possible future scenarios. Some pieces demand not only a critical attitude, but also active participation. You must therefore pre-register for this work at our info point. More info will be handed out to you at the expo.

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