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Yann Deval & Marie G. Losseau

ATLAS is a work situated between digital and visual arts, taking the form of a scenographic exhibition which hosts a mix of real models and an interactive virtual world.

Marie-G. Losseau (BE) begins by building imaginary cities by hand and Yann Deval (FR) proceeds to scan them in 3D as a way to immerse the audience via virtual experiences.

Together, using augmented and mixed reality, they aim to explore these new spaces, from the physical space to the virtual reality and all of the layers in between.

The exhibition presents a work-in-progress, as the artists continue the creation on location sometimes in collaboration with participants. After being plunged in an archipelago of poetical islands, spectators are invited to build these virtual cities using a « seed launcher ». Each launch causes a house to grow. The growing houses follow some urbanistic rules, adapting to their environment.

Spectators create empty cities, without inhabitants, giving the potential to imagine what happens inside these houses. Named afer forgotten ancient cities, such as Xanadu, Canope, Kerma and Kite, these cities take on a life of their own, with or without the interactions of users, just like living organisms...

The work invites you to create vast cities, in which you can wander and lose yourself. Overall, ATLAS seeks to provoke a reflection on urbanism, architecture, and their influence on our lifestyles. It gives life to inanimate things. The mixed reality experience has been created during an artistic residency at Oxford Brookes University, in collaboration with Dr. Fridolin Wild through the WEKIT project.

The residency was supported by VERTIGO STARTS, an art/science programthat aims to support and fund artistic residencies that bring original artistic contributions to technology-based projects.

Header Photo Credit: Yann Deval & Marie Losseau


  • 30 Mar
    13:00 – 18:00
  • 31 Mar
    11:00 – 18:00
  • 1 Apr
    13:00 – 18:00
  • 2 Apr
    13:00 – 21:00
  • 3 Apr
    13:00 – 21:00
  • 4 Apr
    13:00 – 21:00
  • 5 Apr
    13:00 – 21:00
  • 6 Apr
    13:00 – 21:00
  • 7 Apr
    11:00 – 18:00