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Here Us Out

Hakeem Adam

Here Us Out is a collective listening experiment into practical philosophies from oral knowledge systems. The work stems from ongoing research on oral knowledge in Ghanaian culture, specifically exploring how methods and techniques from this form of communication can influence digital cultures, practices, and audiences. Central to the work are the sonic, social, and philosophical principles underlying activities such as drum languages, communal performances, and traditional children's games.

The work manifests itself as a listening experiment mediated by a shrine: an object in which valuables are kept. The shrine acts as a formless agreement of traditional and digital media interfaces. Using a chorus of voices, this sound installation creates a framework within which the audience can explore different dynamic listening paradigms.

The stories from the installation are told in a way similar to traditional oral communication, where active audience participation shapes the life cycle of meaning or emotion through sound.

Hakeem Adam (GH) is a digital artist and freelance arts and culture writer exploring the power of story. He is the founder and creative director of DANDANO, a pan-African cultural platform for African film and music criticism and documentation. He is currently pursuing an MA in Digital Media at the University of the Arts in Bremen, Germany.


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