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Open Field

DJs & Live Performances

Location: STRP Stage

Free entrance with a STRP Expo ticket.

STRP invites soundpracticioner and educator Loma Doom (real name Femke Dekker) to curate a music and performance night during STRP Festival. The night will explore (re)new(ed) ways of listening and sonic action, merging both live performances, immersive visual art with left field DJ sets, allowing the audience to tune into the night on their own terms. Starting from her current research on listening as artistic practice and the work of composer Pauline Oliveros, Dekker sees listening as a call to action.


Céline Gillain
Gillain is a musician, performance and video artist based in Brussels working across the fields of experimental music, electronic music, and visual and performing arts. The use of her voice and body, as well as her analysis of communication and relationships have created a posture that is driven by movements of liberation and empowerment. For STRP she will revisit ‘Listening to the Walls’, a hybrid lecture performance.

NÂR (live)
is a Swiss Lebanese multi-instrumentalist and singer based in Beirut. In a constant metamorphosis, she works with various instruments, her voice and different objects she finds. Abrasive, hypnotic, NÂR’s lives are sonic experiments and improvisations built up from A to Z, often led by short sentences on repeat like mantras

Aimée Theriot-Ramos (live)
Sound artist, researcher and musician whose work explores the task of listening in today’s digitally-mediated society from a decolonial and feminist perspective. Her work reflects upon the philosophical and socio-political implications of a subject that listens and is listened to. What does it mean to think through sound? In which ways are structures of power sonically manifested? What role does listening take in subject formations?

Lena Willikens & Loma Doom (DJ set)
Lena Willikens doesn’t play the hits. When she’s behind the decks, even her biggest fans often have no idea exactly what she’s playing, and that’s part of the magic.
Loma Doom is a true radio veteran and beacon of twisted and mesmerising sounds. Whether you experience her musical activities or contemporary arts practice, curiosity is a key aspect gracing Femke Dekker (real name).
Together Willikens and Doom will explore the notion of listening in an immersive back to back DJ set.

Sophia Bulgakova (visual art)
Bulgakova (born 1997, Odesa, Ukraine) is an ArtScientist interdisciplinary artist and activist currently based in The Hague, the Netherlands. Sophia is working on the intersection between art, technology, and society, focusing on the relationship between light, perception, and imagination. Through various sensorial inputs in her installations and performances, she engages viewers, impacting their ways of perceiving reality and exploring new possibilities beyond it.

On Saturday April 15 at 16:30, Sophia will give an Artist talk in the STRP Hangout in Microstad. Join this talk with your Expo ticket!

How to get there?

Professor doctor Dorgelolaan, Fellenoord, Centrum 2
5611 BA Eindhoven