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STRP Scenario #10: Me and You and Everything We Know

How can we better serve the collective as individuals?

19:00 Welcome & Keynote Lynne Segal
19:35 Artist talks: Liam Young, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Hyphen Labs
20:30 Q&A
21:00 Music performance Boris Acket & Maarten Vos

In 2021 STRP asks the question: how can we better serve the collective as individuals? How can technology be used to unite us, instead of dividing us? And what can we learn from the collectivity of organisms, bird flocks and cells?
We live in a divided world. Social media networks, created for connection instead established political bubbles, and feelings of isolation. Consumerism gives us the feeling of a world entirely designed around us, with no need for negotiation with others. And the covid crisis takes away seeing each other face-to-face, reducing human contact to on-screen meetings. At the same time, the rebirth of the collective has risen past few years. Occupy, #metoo, Black Lives Matter and climate change groups underline the need for a vision on what unites us, instead of focusing solely on what makes each of us unique.

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