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Aftermovie STRP Festival 2022

3 min read
3 May 2022

With over 8.000 visitors, both onsite in Eindhoven as online, STRP Festival 2022 was a great success! We are proud and happy to look back on this first edition in the city centre of Eindhoven with the official aftermovie! Experience the festival again with this beautiful video. Or get jealous of what you (might) have missed out on!

Video by Bob Drenth

Quotes about the festival

“The Eindhoven-based festival for multimedia art STRP has made a virtue of necessity and has even elevated a metropolitan problem to the status of art.” – De Volkskrant

"I liked that the focus really was on research and experiment, that was quite inspiring.” - Visitor

“I helped as an Expo Host at STRP Festival. This year's theme was 'The End of Infinity', and all the art exhibited revolved around this mysterious, yet so interesting theme. It was really fun and educational to see all the content of the festival and the dynamics of the organization.” - Volunteer

“I enjoyed this year very much, it was all very cleverly put together, especially the locations. It was compact and easy to walk around and yet I got the idea of exploring. (…) It was a very original festival that went into depth.” - Photographer

“The quality of the projects presented, and therefore the artists, was the highlight of my visit.” - Visitor