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Immerse yourself in Planet City with STRP and Liam Young

30 min video
15 Nov 2022

During Dutch Design Week from 22 to 30 October, STRP invited speculative architect and director Liam Young to talk about his project Planet City, of which the performance Choreographic Camouflage is part. Below, you can rewatch a selection of the artist talk.

In the fictional film Planet City, Young shows how the Earth's entire population could live in a giant sustainable city that occupies only a fraction of the Earth's surface, freeing up the rest of the world for "rewilding" and the return of land seized by humans. The hyper-dense, self-sufficient metropolis - home to 10 billion people - is built on the principles of the circular economy. The city could be built on 0.02 per cent of the earth's surface, roughly the size of an average US state.