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In Memoriam: Bats Bronsveld

4 min read
28 Aug 2023
Bats portret
On July 25th, we received the terrible news that Bats Bronsveld passed away in a tragic accident in the French Alps. In April of this year, Bats participated in the STRP Festival 2023 with the beautiful VR Installation titled "Caves," a new work he developed in collaboration with Alex Raúl. During the STRP Festival, he met Nadine Roestenburg, the artistic director of STRP. A spark ignited, and Bats and Nadine embarked on a journey together as a couple.

They were on their first vacation together, hiking, when the accident occurred. Bats Bronsveld (28) was a captivating and outspoken personality, as well as a highly talented 3D and VR artist. He had many new concepts ready, which he planned to bring to life after his vacation. It's an immense sorrow that Bats is no longer with us, and that his projects and plans will remain unrealised. We extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Bats, and we offer our strength and support to Nadine during this surreal process.

Visit hier Bats' website and the projects he was working on.