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STRP Festival 2024 theme: A Matter of Freedom

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29 Jan 2024

During STRP Festival 2024 we will explore the meaning and status of freedom, together with artists and curious audiences. The theme of this year's STRP Festival therefore is: A Matter of Freedom.

Thema post
© Boudewijn Bollmann
What does freedom mean? How free are we to be who we want to be? The freedom to speak. Can we really be free to say what we want in polarized society? The artworks at STRP reflect on the relationship between freedom and technology within the context of an age of increasingly complex artificial intelligence, authoritarian algorithms and societal changes.

STRP chooses to highlight freedom from different perspectives, cultures and angles. The festival program consists of four components: Expo, Talks, Music & Performance and Education. The program is hybrid and can be visited onsite in downtown Eindhoven and online. STRP Festival 2024: A Matter of Freedom will take place from April 11 to 13 at Microstad.