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Becoming Time Rebels

— Festival 2021

STRP Scenario #13

How will you take care of future generations? How do you involve your life in the issues of our time? Do we become more connected to each other, nature, the planet, and the universe when we shape the story of our generation actively? It looks like we've forgotten to dream. Our concerns and desires are short-term dictated. Advertisements, problems, and temptations take our attention. In the present shock of a constant now, powerlessness, loneliness, and despair can strike. We see a lot of reactions, on social media, on art, on political expressions. A quick opinion, and then we let go. But what future do you believe in? And can you express it?

STRP Scenario #13 seeks collective connection, not only between people in the present, but also with non-humans, and also across time. You'll hear how you can relate to the bigger story. And what role you can play in this world of prosperity and entertainment. Join the audio walk, acquire inspiring examples of time rebellion, and accompany us led by some examples in search of a long-term approach to one of the five themes: culture, democracy, law system, education, and health.

Co-creator Merlijn Twaalfhoven