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— Festival 2021

STRP Scenario #14

Collaborating is what saved us humans as a species, time and time again. In times of global crises, from pandemics to polarization to climate disasters, it’s time to re-connect the collective.
While each speaker contributes their expertise, you as audience gets to vote. With your votes the headlines of speculative near future newsflashes will be auto generated.
What would happen if China joined the EU, or if twitter would be collectivized? Through this fictional, fast-forwarded reality you get to steer the debate. Imagining these future scenarios, we give a new prompt for the speakers to explain democratic processes in tangible and lively ways.
They will talk about their informed guesses on how such events could play out. Have comparable events taken place in history before? How is that linked to how the world currently works?
During this interactive debate, we shed light on today’s strategies for bringing about change. We take lessons from recent actions in activism, put institutional frameworks to the test and discuss how to make digital spaces work for us as citizens, not users.

Moderator of the evening is Michelle Kasprzak

Co-creator Cream on Chrome