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Spacemakers x HyperCulture

— Herbarium

Spacemakers is a program of STRP Education in which young people of different ages and education work together with an artist for a number of months. From 24 until 26 June, the participants and designer duo HyperCulture will show their project 'Herbarium' at the Heuvel in Eindhoven!

Opening hours

Friday 24 June: 12.00 - 15:00 & 17:00 - 19.00 hour
Saturday 25 June: 12.00 - 17.00 hour
Sunday 26 June: 12.00 - 17.00 hour

Free entrance


Findings from a future expedition

Imagine a future where every physical space is connected to the digital world. Augmented reality has become part of our everyday lives; a digital shell over buildings, public spaces, and even in our own homes. Virtual reality and reality have completely merged. A prospect that doesn't seem so crazy with the rise of VR, Metaverse, CGI influencers, deepfake and NFT museums, among others! Spacemakers x HyperCulture see themselves as explorers in this speculative future. Who are we in this world? Are we coexisting, or are we rebelling? During the exhibition you can see what plants will look like in this future and by touching them you can hear what sounds they make. You will also see different kinds of art made by artificial intelligence!

In the year 2022, each square centimetre of the Earth’s surface has been charted by satellites and turned into a hybrid environment where the physical particularities of the terrain are digitally enhanced with geographical, infrastructural and commercial data, like the height of mountain ranges, the fastest route to Timbuctoo, or the nearest bakery open on a Sunday.

Realising how little they might add to the meticulous inventory of their contemporary world, nine ambitious young researchers join an exciting new field of science: the exploration of the future. Together they set out to an undisclosed year in the late 21st century, to study the consequences of accelerating physical-digital hybridisation for terrestrial life.

Their expedition – supported by HyperCulture and Spacemakers – has not been without peril, and not all collected material survived the scramble through hypertime. However, a substantial number of botanical specimens can still be presented to 2022 audiences, in a unique travelling herbarium that reveals the profound impact of digital-environmental crosspollination.

The exhibition visits Eindhoven from 24 to 26 June, and will be housed in the Heuvel, in a specially designed Hortus Futuri that features prepared and documented plants as well as living samples. Herbarium also offers a rendered impression of the world as the explorers found it, to allow everyone a glimpse of the future.

Spacemakers x HyperCulture

How to get there?

Heuvel 108
Heuvel Galerie, Centrum