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Species Counterpoint by Antoine Bertin

— Dutch Design Week

What is the difference between you ... and a plant?

Not so much if you asked our DNA. Although a plant and you - generally - look very different, you share the same 4 chemical letters (A, G, C and T) and a large part of the "data" in your DNA. Crazy. But also pretty, when you have an ear for it.

Species Counterpoint makes the harmony between our "human DNA" and that of plants audible. A mechanical piano simultaneous plays the codes that make us human / plant. When you listen closely, you hear two different music pieces. When you listen a bit longer you will start hearing the similarities: two chords, two genes, which, if only for a moment, are the same in sound.

Does this bring us back to a universal song? A place where everything starts? Spire your ears and dream away with the soundtrack of our DNA.

Species Counterpoint is a collaboration with Dutch Design Week and is free to visit.

© Christophe Lett

Antoine Bertin

Antoine Bertin is one of the winners of the ACT Awards 2020. When it comes to science, feeling and exploring his surroundings, Antoine follows his instincts. His work is a mixture of compelling soundscapes, interactive stories and a tangible experience. His work has been seen (and heard) in Tate Britain, Serpentine Gallery, Palais de Tokyo and Sonar+D. Bertin works together with Marshmallow Laser Feast, The Guardian VR and NTS Radio and runs his own sound experience studio: Sound Anything.

How to get there?

Heuvel Galerie  133
5611 DK Eindhoven