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Online Meet-up 2 Scenario #21

— STRP & Foundation We Are

Part of this year’s festival programme is STRP Scenario #21: Decentralised Collaborative Future. During this Scenario, STRP and co-creator Foundation We Are examine the shift from Web2 to Web3, from open sharing to blockchain-based forms of (digital) ownership. In the run-up to STRP Festival 2023, two (free) online Meet-up's will be organised in which you are invited, accompanied by experts, to examine the potential of NFTs, DAOs, and other Web3 principles hands-on. A community will be set up via Discord, in order to start a collective exploration within this field. Read more about the two meetings below and join te community!

STRP Scenario #21 Meet-up 2: Experimenting with Web3 – The Community

Free to attend
Time: 20:00 – 21:00 CEST
Location: online - STRP Discord
Speakers: Will Rowe

Web3's decentralised promise enables new ways to distribute ownership and collaboration. How does Web3 affect communities and what does it take to start working with Web3 as a team, collective or community? How does Web3 enable us to distribute property within communities and focus on a different distribution of value?

During 'STRP Scenario #21 Meet-up 2' we focus on what Web3 can mean for creative teams, collectives or communities. We discuss how (social) tokens work, what it takes to set up a DAO, what tools there are to integrate Web3 principles, and what opportunities it brings. We are investigating this in a series of small-scale experiments.