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Join the online Meet-up's preliminary to STRP Scenario #21: Decentralised Collaborative Futures

4 min read
6 Feb 2023

Part of this year’s festival programme is STRP Scenario #21: Decentralised Collaborative Future. During this Scenario, STRP and co-creator Foundation We Are examine the shift from Web2 to Web3, from open sharing to blockchain-based forms of (digital) ownership. In the run-up to STRP Festival 2023, two (free) online Meet-up's will be organised in which you are invited, accompanied by experts, to examine the potential of NFTs, DAOs, and other Web3 principles hands-on. A community will be set up via Discord, in order to start a collective exploration within this field. Read more about the two meetings below and join te community here!

Wednesday 22 February: STRP Scenario #21 Meet-up 1: Experimenting with Web3 - Creators & Creative Professionals

Free to attend
Time: 20:00 – 21:00 CET
Location: online - STRP Discord
Speakers: Penny Rafferty, Will Rowe, Ruben Pater
Join the community here!

What could Web3 mean for the individual maker and the creative practice? 'STRP Scenario #21 Meet-up 1' examines what Web3 means for the individual maker. Together with an expert we discuss the possibilities of Web3 and we will experiment with making an NFT.

Central questions: What is needed to make NFTs and what is the benefit? How can creatives or tech professionals use Web3 to strengthen their practice? How can being part of an online community benefit the individual creator?

Wednesday 29 March: STRP Scenario #21 Meet-up 2: Experimenting with Web3 – The Community

Free to attend
Time: 20:00 – 21:00 CEST
Location: online - STRP Discord
Speakers: Will Rowe
Join the community here!

Web3's decentralised promise enables new ways to distribute ownership and collaboration. How does Web3 affect communities and what does it take to start working with Web3 as a team, collective or community? How does Web3 enable us to distribute property within communities and focus on a different distribution of value?

During 'STRP Scenario #21 Meet-up 2' we focus on what Web3 can mean for creative teams, collectives or communities. We discuss how (social) tokens work, what it takes to set up a DAO, what tools there are to integrate Web3 principles, and what opportunities it brings. We are investigating this in a series of small-scale experiments.