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TWIST tijdens STRP Festival 2024

— Professionals

From creative partner to generic soup: does AI offer us a world of possibilities or a standardization in creative education?

Does artificial intelligence offer an endless source of creativity? Or are we heading toward a homogeneous visual language, in which AI categorizes and standardizes our creativity into a generic soup? Discover - or break through - the normative boundaries of AI in creative design with this program for education professionals. This edition is a collaboration between STRP, SintLucas and the platform SETUP, known for its multidisciplinary approach to art, technology and ethics.


During this afternoon, we question the role of AI as a creative partner. A huge number of possibilities have emerged in recent years. Anyone can use systems like ChatGPT or Stable Diffusion in the creative process, but does that lead to something new? Or are we working toward an "empty" standardized (visual) language? We explore how these large, universal systems connect to our local context of what we find beautiful and meaningful. We also reflect on the normativity hidden in these systems and together try to understand their impact on creativity and education. After all, who or what determines what we can and should make with Al?

This afternoon consists of various programs, such as presentations, hands-on experiments and expanding your network within the education and cultural sectors. We invite educators, arts and culture professionals, and teachers to participate in this program. Afterward, you will go home with new perspectives and inspiration to apply these insights in your own practice with students and colleagues.

Spacemakers x TWIST is a program by STRP Education and SintLucas in co-creation with SETUP, made possible by The Cultural Participation Fund and Fonds 21.