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Cosmic Radio

Shock Forest Group

Who still listens to the radio? Well, apparently everyone. In 1964, during a study on radio waves, scientists accidentally discovered a mysterious, steady sound. This radiation did not come from Earth, the Sun or our galaxy. It appeared to be cosmic background radiation, the oldest electromagnetic radiation in the universe. And we are still, unconsciously, listening to it.

The multi-disciplinary team Shock Forest Group by initiator and electronic music producer Nicolas Jaar will conduct an in-depth investigation into the history, present and future of radio. In the context of Philips, the city of Eindhoven and beyond, the group investigates radio as a means of collective listening; as cosmic sound; as an instrument of rebellion; as invisible waves. The first phase of their research will be presented as a physical installation.

Shock Forest Group will present their preliminary conclusions and additional questions on Sunday 16 April. Free access with Expo ticket.

Shock Forest Group is an international research team consisting of architects, cartographers, linguists, programmers, urban planners, sound makers, biologists, designers and engineers. If traditional research can be compared to a traditional classical music concert, Shock Forest Group works more along the lines of a free jazz improvisation. The group consists of seven researchers: Katya Abazajian, Sheryn Akiki,
Axel Coumans, Susanna Gonzo, Nicolas Jaar, Daria Kiseleva and Jelger Kroese.

Cosmic Radio is presented by Unusual Suspects in collaboration with Powered by TINC in association with STRP Festival, Van Abbemuseum, TAC, NULZES and Van Abbehuis.

Visit the online environment of this project at www.cosmicradio.nl


  • 13 Apr
    12:00 – 20:00
  • 14 Apr
    12:00 – 20:00
  • 15 Apr
    12:00 – 20:00
  • 16 Apr
    12:00 – 20:00

How to get there?

Professor doctor Dorgelolaan, Fellenoord, Centrum 2
5611 BA Eindhoven