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Infinity Walks

Hosted by KONT

Please note: For this work, you need to book a timeslot in addition to an STRP Expo ticket here.

Together with the participating artists and thinkers, STRP encourages you to think about the connection between people, nature, art, technology and society. The dialogue is initiated, among other things, by the Infinity Walks. Every day of the festival you can go on a walk with an artist. Various topics will be covered, one of which being the theme of STRP 2022: Infinity. Together with the artist, you reflect on the impact of technology on the individual and society. Walk and think out loud!


The walking sessions are hosted by KONT. The fluid, artistic and local Eindhoven based platform KONT initiates surprising collaborations between artists and non-artists. While many artists struggle with over-production. KONT tries to resist this pressure as best as it can. That is why the platform has invited four artists from its own Eindhoven network to take a walk with you. A walk that lasts about 2 hours and in which we slow down together. The artists are not represented in the STRP expo; the walk is the only way to experience their work.

The Infinity Walks are curated by Griet Menschaert.

Ahn Sung Hwan How to Run from the Sun

Due to the growth of technology and science, people's life expectancy is increasing. We don't have eternal life, but we do stay on earth a little longer. As a result, we are looking for more ways to get wealthy and stay fit. During this walk, Artist Ahn Sung-Hwan wants you to be in an ambivalence situation; hoping to be nature(degrowth) but also keeping young with high-growth technology. During the walk, Ahn Sung-Hwan will turn into a meditator and enjoy a slow time and sun with traditional Korean tea.

How to get there?

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