Scenario #7 - Radical Ecology

How plants help us imagine new worlds

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With: Ersin Han Ersin, Becky Ripley & Tim Atack (Forest 404) & Ken Wu
When: April 3th, 15:00-18:00

You have probably seen it before: mosses that cover paving stones, rocks or trees. These are non-vascular plants, meaning they don’t have deep roots. The first land plants appeared around 470 million years ago during the Ordovicium, a geological era during which life on earth rapidly diversified. Although the world has changed an awful lot since that time, the mosses are still here to this day.

In the last few years there has been a lot of interest in ancient plant life-forms, and we are still a long ways from learning everything there is to know. In fact, it is a feat we will never achieve. Developments in science and technology gives us more and more insights into natural processes. We have found that plants and trees communicate through underground networks of fungi that transmit water, carbon, nitrogen and other information, nutriments and minerals.

What histories lie stored in trees and plants, and what can we learn from the way they have survived on Earth for millions of years? How do artists portray the lessons that plant life has to teach us?

Ersin Han Ersin

Ersin Han Ersin

As part of the design collective Marshmallow Laser Feast, that leaves behind “slug trail of sensory nuggets" on their journey through the cosmos, Ersin Han Ersin’s work illuminates the invisible, natural forces that surround us all. His work invites us to find our own way through sensory experiences that reach further than everyday life. Here the visible, tangible world seems to be momentarily removed, so that you can see networks, processes and systems that are not only enchanting, but that also expose an investigation into the basis of life on this planet. During STRP Scenario #7, Ersin will talk about his new work: ‘Cathedral of Nature’.


Becky Ripley & Tim Atack (Forest 404)

Becky Ripley works for the BBC, where she can be heard as a producer-presenter of wild science stories in Radio 4’s ‘Naturebang’, ‘Blue Planet II: the podcast’ (2017) and ‘Planet Puffin’ (2019). She has won both national and international awards for her work. Together with composer and writer Timothy X Atack she developed the podcast Forest 404, an environmental sci-fi thriller in which facts, fiction and soundscapes confront us with climate change, extinction and loss. The podcast is paired with The Forest 404 Experiment: an online experiment in which listeners from all over the world react to sounds from nature. Sounds that we will, one day perhaps, be sorry to have lost.

Ken Wu

Ken Wu

Ken Wu is an activist who is on a mission to save primeval forests. Most of us won’t question the importance of forests on earth. Forests make the earth and the climate livable and stimulate biodiversity. Yet we continue to cut them down on a large scale. How do we deal with our ancient trees, and what else can we do? What can we learn from primeval forests that have survived for such a long time? What about the ancient intelligence of trees and forests? Ken Wu fill will focus mainly on the ecology and politics of protecting old-growth and temperate forests to help avert both the extinction crisis and the climate crisis, and on organizing environmental campaigns.

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  • 3 Apr
    15:00 – 18:00

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