Impossible Conversation on Collectivity

Building Conversation

Did you ever feel part of, or isolated from a collective or community? In what ways do people come together through science, politics, technology, religion, social movements and culture? When are you part of a collective? And how do we experience this online? This Impossible Conversation on Collectivity explores inspirational ways to talk about collectivity, and to collectively talk.

Join the Impossible Conversation on Collectivity to reflect with someone else, based on personal experiences related to the topic collectivity. We investigate together what collectivity means to us and also explore what happens being together online.

This conversation is inspired by a Jesuit method in which you slow down and connect personal images by writing, reading and speaking together.

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16:00 - 18:00 Impossible Conversation on Collectivity

Building Conversation

Building Conversation is a platform for Dialogical Art, which concentrates on the meeting of art, conversation and society. In the dialogical art movement, which came into being in the 1970s, the conversation itself is presented as a work of art. Drawing on this politically engaged artistic practice, Building Conversation develops performances inspired by existing conversational practices from all over the world.

Image; Laura Mentink