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Workshop: Exploring the Limits of Silence

Noise Research Union (NRU)

Language: English

Coherence, predictability, and order are well-known and related concepts that have been paramount to the scientific mindset of the 20th century. But at the beginning of the new millennium, it has become apparent that chaos, unpredictability, and particularly noise are not simply their 'disorganised' counterparts. Chaos, unpredictability, and noise hold conceptual means to move beyond this opposition. In the 21st century, amidst a cascade of upheavals and crises in the ecological, economic, social, and aesthetic spheres, and as we move further into a digital, automated, hyperconnected world, the meaning of noise and silence is changing again and demands to be rethought. Following STRP Scenario #22: Silence, (im)possible absences, NRU hosts a diagram-making workshop as a reinterpretation of silence.

We welcome participants of all backgrounds to join. No prior knowledge is needed. The workshop consists of a dialogue and diagramming session. We will discuss the meaning of noise and silence together, identify common lines of thought, and explore these in more depth with diagrams in groups. We will reconvene and attempt to morph all diagrams into collective ones. The NRU approach is non-disciplinary and open to questions and challenges; we are united by our interest in noise and silence, not by our personal interpretations.

Please note this workshop has limited capacity, so make sure to get your ticket on time. The tickets cost €5 and can be found in the ticketshop under the name 'Workshop: Exploring the Limits of Silence'.


Noise Research Union (NRU) is a European interdisciplinary research group centered around explorations of noise. NRU consists of artists and researchers: Sonia de Jager, Cecile Malaspina, Mattin, Miguel Prado, Martina Raponi and Inigo Wilkins.

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