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ACT Award 2021 winners

Liam Young and Iman Person
20 Oct 2020
With the ACT Award, STRP supports artists and makers not only with the budget to realize a project plan, but also with guidance in the development, production, presentation, and distribution of the work. The jury picked the two ACT winners, Iman Person and Liam Young, out of 123 submissions from 24 different countries. Both artists will receive the prize money of 25,000 euros that will enable them to realize their submitted project proposals. The two new works will première, online and onsite, during STRP Festival 2021 from 8-11 April in Eindhoven.

Liam Young - Choreographic Camouflage

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Liam Young - Choreographic Camouflage
Choreographic Camouflage, a brand-new work by designer and director Liam Young, and choreographer Jacob Jonas, will have its premiere at STRP Festival 2021. The dance performance and film presents a new vocabulary of movement that has been designed to disguise the proportions of their body from the skeleton detection algorithms used by modern city’s surveillance networks to track and identify individuals. The performance features a soundtrack by composer Forest Swords.

Iman Person - NewAir

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Iman Person - NewAir
Iman Person will realize the artwork NewAir, an installation that considers interspecies and interspatial communication through the medium of wind data, sculpture, video and sonic exploration. With her work, Iman engages with the soft boundaries/boundarylessness that exist within nature, the mind and organisms of memory.


The international jury consisted of STRP’s curatorial team: Juliette Bibasse (Brussel), Anca Verona Milhuet (Seoul), Ali Eslami (Iran/Amsterdam), Sarah Bilson (Montreal), Antonia Folguera (Barcelona), Nadine Roestenburg (STRP) and Ton van Gool (STRP).