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ACT Award 2022 winners

Cream on Chrome, James Bridle, Sébastien Robert, Lundahl & Seitl with Untold Garden
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20 Oct 2020
The STRP ACT Award (Award for Creative Technology) is a yearly call for artists from STRP. With the Award we stimulate the production of new artworks, whilst also providing the opportunity to present works that resonate with our festival theme. STRP supports artists and makers with a budget to realize a project plan, guidance in the development, production, presentation, and distribution of the work. The jury picked 4 ACT winners for the ACT Award 2022.
The 4 new works will première during STRP Festival 2022 from 7 - 10 April in Eindhoven.

Read more about the winners below. Coming time we are going to follow their stages towards STRP Festival. Keep an eye for it on the socials and website.

Cream on chrome - The Environmentalist Stock Exchange

STRP2021 Creamon Chrome Boudewijn Bollmann webversie 2
Cream on Chrome
Design duo Martina Huynh & Jonas Althaus specializes in turning research of complex, socio-political questions into interactive experiences.
In The Environmentalist Stock Exchange ecosystems are publicly traded and owned by players in the stock market. In collaboration with ecologists and environmental economists, Cream on Chrome will integrate crucial data on the state of the biosphere into the calculation of the ‘true ecological value’ of a stock market asset. By including eco data into the world of finance and investment ecological processes will be promoted as the main driver of the global economy.

James Bridle – Server Farm – Test Plot 001

James Bridle credits Mikael Lundblad
James Bridle
James Bridle is a writer and artist with interests in technology, visual arts and ecology. He has written and presented art & tech documentary series on BBC Radio, among others. Information Technology, as presently configured, is a huge contributor to CO2 emissions and damages the planet, and its ecosystems, denizens, and societies in many ways. With his project Server Farm, James is building a computer from and in collaboration with plants and organisms. It takes the classical PC as a model: a processor, control unit, working memory, mass storage, input, and output devices. Server Farm proposes to replace each element with biological, naturally occurring and in some cases constructed analogs. Test Plot 001 is a prototype; one field of the future farm where hyperaccumulator plants remediate the damaged and polluted soils and produce raw metals for integration into new technologies.

Credits photo; Mikael Lundblad

Lundahl & Seitl and Untold Garden - Garden of Ghost Flowers

LSU Gportrait06
Lundahl & Seitl and Untold Garden
Lundahl & Seitl perform, teach, and play with choreography, VR, architecture and the exhibition format, when creating anti-disciplinary artworks as experiences. Untold Garden is an experiential art and design studio that explores and builds tools for participatory design and art, and creates captivating experiences using cutting-edge immersive technologies. Their artwork, Garden of Ghost Flowers, will use VR to create a virtual, biohybrid life form in symbiosis with collective human behavior. In our series Let’s ACT, we introduce our ACT (Award for Creative Technology) Award 2022 winners and follow them in the stages to their final work at STRP Festival 2022.

Sébastien Robert - The Lights Which Can Be Heard

Sebastien Robert Chile 2019
Sébastien Robert

Sébastien Robert is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher studying endangered indigenous rituals and music. He strives to translate sounds and rituals into long-lasting tangible artworks, made from materials that echo the traditions of the communities he encounters. His project for STRP, The Lights Which Can Be Heard originates in Lapland. This is the home of the Sámi, the last indigenous people in Europe, whose transhumance and associated rituals are threatened by the exploitation of rare earth minerals. According to their worldview, the northern lights and quartz crystals that are present in the soil can be heard. The minerals consist of solidified light waves that emit sound frequencies and contain the souls of their ancestors. In the new installation for STRP, light is the central focus to initiate the artistic dialogue between indigenous knowledge and technology. The project questions our relationship to our environment by looking at a more sensitive vision shared by the Sámi people.


The international jury consisted of STRP’s curatorial team:
Anca Verona Milhuet (Seoul), Ali Eslami (Iran/Amsterdam), Sarah Bilson (Montreal), Antonia Folguera (Barcelona), Nadine Roestenburg (STRP) and Ton van Gool (STRP).