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Experience STRP Festival 2023 online

4 min read
1 Jan 2024

From 13 to 16 April STRP Festival 2023 took place in Eindhoven, and online! The good thing about STRP Digital is that this digital environment is it’s still accessible from all around the world. Experience two hybrid artworks, stream three STRP Scenarios, tune-in to STRP Frequencies.

STRP Digital: Raumklang by Zeno van den Broek & Robin Koek

Digital program

Online Expo
STRP commissioned two hybrid projects by artist duos Tega Brain & Sam Lavigne, and Zeno van den Broek & Robin Koek. During STRP Festival 2023, these projects connected online and on-site audiences, both digital and physical visitors could influence the works. The online version of the artworks can still be experienced!

The works were created with support from Cultuurloket DigitAll.


STRP Scenarios

STRP Scenarios explore the ethics of technology and its impact on individuals and society. We enter into dialogue with artists, thinkers, and you. STRP believes that the future is experimental and created in collaboration. Therefore, to explore future scenarios, we are working with creative co-creators to design and reinvent the traditional format of conferences, both on-site and online. Don't expect long keynotes and discussions, STRP Scenarios are hybrid and fun!


STRP Frequencies

During the festival you could listen daily to Frequencies, the live radio station. Various radio makers, DJs and podcast makers explored 'The Art of Listening’ through radio. Every day a varied program of live research, podcasts, artist talks, after-talk, and DJs, including Miriam Rasch, Loma Doom, Kunstmatig, Elevator Radio, Annebel, Cara Mayer and monk.ts.



In 2023 and 2024, STRP is conducting an in-depth investigation into hybridity of artworks. By experimenting with digital technologies, we explore how art projects can offer equally interesting experiences for both online (remote) and onsite (physical) audiences, and how online and onsite audiences can interact in surprising ways. STRP is collaborating with Fontys Hogescholen and Design Museum Den Bosch. The goal of the collaboration is to gain insights into the many possibilities that hybrid practices and presentations offer for cultural organizations and artists. The hybrid projects shown during STRP Festival serve as case studies for the research. The research also includes establishing an international Community of Practice with experts in the field of digital art. By doing this, STRP aims to contribute to the renewal of hybrid art, reach new audiences and make more impact. The three hybrid experiments and the research are created with support of Cultuurloket DigitAll.