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This was STRP Festival 2023!

6 min read
9 May 2023

It’s already a few weeks back since STRP Festival 2023 kicked off in Eindhoven for four days of Expo, live performances, Scenarios, radio shows, workshops and much more. And what a days it have been! We want to thank all the artists, visitors, collaborators and crew for contributing to this inspiring and loving weekend. In this update, we will take you through STRP’s highlights to relive the atmosphere and prepare you for next year’s festival: A Matter of Freedom.


Over the Festival weekend, Bob Drenth captured the full program on film! Watch the aftermovie of STRP Festival here.


This year’s Expo consisted of 15 works showcased in Microstad, the Heuvel and Catharinakerk all revolving around the theme ‘The Art of Listening’. Visitors could experience KMRU’s city frequencies, listen to a volcano erupting, immerse in several VR environments, contribute to ongoing research on radio waves, watch a ring of smoke appear in the ridge of the church and more. View pictures here.
Boudewijn Bollmann STRP2023 15april2023 LORES 48
Picture by Boudewijn Bollmann

STRP Scenarios

Three Scenarios provided the in-depth program of STRP Festival. Speakers, co-creators, moderators and visitors interacted and explored topics such as listening to the more-than-human world , the developments of Web3 in the creative sector and the concept and contradiction of silence and noise. View pictures here.
STRP Scenario 20 c about today 49 A3080 LR
Picture by Studio About Today

STRP Frequencies

New to the festival line-up was the radio station STRP Frequencies! Creators, artists and speakers were invited to explore their take on The Art of Listening through the station. Next to the talks there was a podcastseries about STRP made by Kunstmatig and music was provided by several DJ’s from Eindhoven and beyond. View pictures here.
Boudewijn Bollmann STRP2023 15april2023 LORES 21
Picture by Boudewijn Bollmann

Open Field

On Saturday we had the music and performance night Open field. Curated by Loma Doom, there were live performances by Céline Gillain, Aimée Theriot-Ramos and NÂR, live visual art by Sophia Bulgakova and a DJ set by Lena Willikens and Loma Doom herself. It was experimental, exploring and very exciting. View pictures here.
STRP Open Field 2023 04 15 c about today DSC08598 LR
Picture by Studio About Today

STRP Digital

Part of the Festival could also be visited online via STRP Digital. All three Scenarios, 2 hybrid Expo works, radio station STRP Frequencies and the Closing Keynote by Miriam Rasch were available in livestreams to Digital ticketholders. In the hybrid works, online visitors could even interact with the onsite visitor and impact their experience. Now the festival is over, all recordings of STRP Digital are freely accessible to everyone! Watch and listen back here!

Thanks to those who joined us at STRP Festival and hopefully see you next year!