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Here's to the future with... Martina Raponi

2 min read
21 Jun 2023

In its podcast series ‘Here’s to the future with...', STRP invites artists and thinkers from the STRP network to share their thoughts about our future.

In a new episode of STRP's podcast Here's to the future, we discuss the theme The Art of Listening with Martina Raponi, artist and writer researching noise and complexity, and co-creator of STRP Scenario 22: Silence: (im)possible absences, that took place during STRP Festival 2023.

Growing up with a deaf parent, Martina developed an interesting relationship with sound and silence, and the difference but also comparison between the two. Listen to her take on the topic in this podcast episode.

Disclaimer: the STRP Scenario they’re talking about has already passed, but can be watched back on STRP Digital here.

Do you prefer listening via Soundcloud? Play Here's to the future with... Martina Raponi here.