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Sevdaliza completes STRP Expo programme!

2 min read
1 Mar 2022

With just over a month to go until STRP Festival 2022, Raving Dahlia by pop star Sevdaliza completes the STRP Expo! The physical robot is born out of frustration with our society's unhealthy expectations of women's external performance and wants to address the harsh truth about navigating in the music industry as a woman who does not conform to an industry standard - sonically, physically, and mentally. At STRP Festival 2022, Dahlia will meet her public in real life for the very first time.

From 7 to 10 April, you’ll meet Raving Dahlia in DOMUSDELA's Chapel, surrounded by a collection of poignant images that show how women change as a result of external pressure. Both consciously, through plastic surgery for example, and unconsciously, through depression that can be caused by external performance pressure. The female strength becomes visible in the installation, through protest and community and processes such as birth, breastfeeding and caring. Read more about Raving Dahlia here.

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