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Travel to the future with Next Nature Future Travels!

2 min read
17 Feb 2022

During these harsh winter months, Next Nature Future Travels (NNFT) offers a trip to a very special destination: the future! Not 10, 100 or 1000 years, but billions ahead; beyond the moment the sun has burned out.

Up and until 27 February, NNFT offers excursions to a spectacular future, beyond space and time. As a crew from our planet Earth, you arrive at the Evoluon Airport, where you receive instructions from the space travel staff. They help you board the VR Time Machine, a carousel-like machine that floats you through the air. Then the spectacular VR experience starts, lasting about ten minutes.

Especially for primary and secondary school students, STRP offers a workshop for NNFT in which we really start thinking long term, up to a few billion years from now. In the VR experience, developed by artist Floris Kaayk, Maze de Boer and Next Nature Network, they investigate and imagine the distant future. Will humans still be alive in a billion years? Will nature take over? Will technology take over? Or will everything be fused? And how do we become better ancestors of humans, nature, and technology of our future?

Do you also want to go on a journey to the future? Read more about the workshop and NNFT here!