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Visit STRP Festival 2021

Recap 2021
7 Sep 2021

We are extremely proud of STRP Festival 2021. That's why we share our content not only during the festival, but for a longer period. Have a look at the digital artworks in STRP Expo, Scenario’s and bar.

Access to the content is for free, though we'd really appreciate it if you could share a donation.


Watching STRP Expo
You will find 3D worlds, video animation, alternate realities, art created with bots and use of algorithms and art project videos. Enjoy our art installations that take you away from your screen. Join the digital tour, and you can even meet us in the bar!

Anouk Kruithof | Antoine Bertin | Boris Acket & Maarten Vos | Dalena Tran | Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley | Disnovation.org | Iman Persoon | LaTurbo Avedon | Lawrence Lek | Liam Young | Lundahl & Seitl | Post-neon | Tega Brain & Sam Lavigne | Zeno van den Broek | STRP Bar - The Hmm
Access to the content is free.
Donations appreciated!
STRP 2021 Social Li Event Scenario11 1600x400
Scenario #11 - Conversations on Collectivity
STRP Scenario is an interactive open dialogue with artists, designers, media makers, thinkers, and... you! Online scenario #11 brings you together with others to explore collectivity in different cultures, societies and political systems.
STRP 2021 Social Li Event Scenario12 1600x400

Scenario #12 - Rhythmic Resonance
Rhythmic Resonance is an online event focusing on the signals, silences and rhythms in the natural world. Online Scenario #12 questions where rhythm emerges, and how it works.

Click here to watch Rhythmic Resonance

STRP 2021 Social Li Event Scenario13 1600x400

Scenario #13 - Becoming Time Rebels
STRP Online Scenario #13 seeks collective connection, not only between people in the present, but also with non-humans, and also across time. You'll hear how you can relate to the bigger story. And what role you can play in this world of prosperity and entertainment.

Click here to watch Becoming Time Rebels

STRP 2021 Social Li Event Scenario14 1600x400

Scenario #14 - Collectivize!
During this interactive debate, we shed light on today’s strategies for bringing about change. We take lessons from recent actions in activism, put institutional frameworks to the test and discuss how to make digital spaces work for us as citizens, not users.

Click here to watch Collectivize!