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STRP Education

Programs for secondary education, mbo and hbo

STRP organizes tours, workshops, projects and meetings for pupils, students and educators. We do this during our events such as STRP Festival, and also on location such as at your school or event.

With STRP's education programs, young people explore the creative possibilities of technology, reflect on technological developments and discover how technology can help with the big questions and challenges of our time. Now changes occur faster and faster, and change is the only constant, STRP believes it is essential that young people are investigative, critical and creative. We encourage young people to think about what they think and what they want. In this way, they experience that they can give direction to the future. We envision new constructive future scenarios through imagination and the thoughts and imagery of artists.

Collaborations and tailor-made programs

STRP also develops tailor-made programs in collaboration with education partners. Think of a workshop tailored to your own theme, or formulating a practical assignment (coached by STRP). Are you interested in a collaboration? Would you like to discuss the options, without obligation? Please contact Shirley Hendrikse, shirley[at]strp.nl or 040-2367228.

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