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An Evening with Jonathan Safran Foer

— STRP Scenario #9

During STRP Scenario #9 we will explore different methods of collective and individual action together with author Jonathan Safran Foer. His most recent book ‘We Are the Weather – Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast’ is a call to action to arrest our planet’s extinction. The science seems very clear: what we eat has an enormous impact on climate change. Why is it so difficult to act on this knowledge? Foer presents the essential debate of our time as no one else can, bringing it to vivid and urgent life and offering us all a much-needed way out.

This evening includes a screening of an excerpt of Models of Environmental Literacy (2020) by artist Tivon Rice. After this event, ticket buyers will receive a password to watch the full version of this artwork.

For our podcast STRP's 15 minutes with, moderator Roanne van Voorst called him for a short conversation about growing up, food, social media, and collectivity. Of course, this is just a snippet of what you can expect this upcoming Thursday. Join us and buy a ticket for this one-time-only event.

A thought-provoking and interesting evening awaits!

If you like, you can read 'We Are the Weather' together with us and join STRP Book club on September 21. Buy the book at your favorite local bookshop, such as our friends at Van Piere in Eindhoven