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STRP 15 Minutes with Jonathan Safran Foer

Jonathan Safran Foer and Roanne van Voorst
15 min podcast
1 Oct 2020

Listen to a conversation about growing up, food, social media and collectivity between STRP Scenario guest Jonathan Safran Foer and moderator Roanne van Voorst.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, STRP decided to focus the 2020-21 annual program on the tension between individuality and collectivity. STRP wonders how we can become a better individualist serving the collective, and how technology can help us with this? STRP Scenario # 9: An Evening with Jonathan Safran Foer is the first conversation in a series that aims to discover new forms of collectivity and individuality.

"I have all but given up hope on tech being part of the solution, I think it is almost always a part of the problem."

Roanne van Voorst

Anthropologist of the future, Roanne van Voorst is a researcher (Ph.D.), writer, (Tedx)speaker and moderator. Her core research focuses on what she calls ‘sustainable humanity’: in times of robotification, what makes us human? In an era that is characterized by climate changes and fake news, how can we remain hopeful and empathic? How will we live, love and make a living in the nearby future?

Jonathan Safran Foer

Jonathan Safran Foer is the author of three novels: Everything is Illuminated (2002), Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (2005) and Here I Am (2016). He also wrote Eating Animals (2009), a renowned and influential study of the ethics of animal husbandry. Foer lives in Brooklyn, New York and teaches Creative Writing at New York University.