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ACT Award 2023 winners

Hakeem Adam, KWAGO, Juan Arturo García
7 min read
20 Apr 2022

The winners of the ACT Award (Award for Creative Technology) are announced! With the Award we stimulate the production of new artworks, whilst also providing the opportunity to present works that resonate with our festival theme. STRP supports artists and makers with a budget to realize a project plan, guidance in the development, production, presentation, and distribution of the work. The 3 winners will premiere their new artworks during STRP Festival 2023 from 13 to 16 April 2023.

The ACT Award 2023 jury consisted of Antonia Folguera, Anca Verona Milhuet, Faye Kabali-Kagwa, Ali Eslami, Nadine Roestenburg and Ton van Gool. In selecting the winners, the jury deliberately chose to honour various perspectives with a different sound than the one heard in mainstream Western discourse.

Hakeem Adam - Here Us Out

Hakeem Adam
Here Us Out is a project that aims to collectively listen to the methods and strategies of healing embedded in the practices and philosophies of oral cultures among Ghanaian ethnic groups. The project is a listening experiment consisting of three audio episodes, each accompanied by exercises, presented through a web application. The multidisciplinary practice of Ghanaian creator Hakeem Adam includes research into digital and physical behaviour through installations that use sound as the narrative device that confronts ideas of identity, emotion, politics, and freedom.

KWAGO - OYAYI pintig at himig sa bilibid

Believing that deep listening is a collective act, KWAGO investigates the potential of art, poetry and technology to create ecosystems of care as a community. KWAGO organises collaborative poetry sessions while building a library for the holistic rehabilitation of people deprived of liberty. Designed after the Deep Listening practice of Pauline Oliveros, Project Oyayi interweaves traditional forms of pre-colonial spoken word poetry in the Philippines that culminates into a zine. During STRP Festival 2023, the collective will present an interactive sound installation that plays low-frequency audio recordings composed of lullabies, heartbeats, and desires together with a publication that amplifies the voice of the participants. KWAGO is an independent, non-profit research and publishing lab based in the Philippines that hold spaces centered on free speech, collaboration and collective reimagining of authorship and access.

Juan Arturo García - Time Displaced

Juan Arturo García
Time Displaced is a research project and film installation about the IAN-R1 nuclear reactor in Colombia. García sees the geochronology undertaken there as a special way of tuning in to the earth, with listening as its starting point. The film installation shows different approaches to listening to the earth: from modern scientific techniques to indigenous knowledge and acoustic memories of living with nature in Latin America that have been silenced for centuries. Mexican filmmaker and researcher Juan Arturo García studied Film, Design & Politics at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. In his work, García investigates the correlations between the political, territorial, and linguistic implications of cosmopolitanism.