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Award for Creative Technology (ACT) 2024

Time to Act!
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10 Jan 2023

STRP ACT Award aims to stimulate the production of new artworks, whilst also providing the opportunity to present specific works in our exhibition that resonate with our festival theme. For the 2024 edition of the ACT Award there will be six (!) prizes. Alongside budget, STRP offers productional guidance for the development, production and presentation of new work during STRP Festival, which takes place from April 11 to 15 2024 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Festival Theme: A Matter of Freedom

In The Netherlands, people live in a democracy, where we can go where we want and make our own choices. But does that mean that we are really free? Freedom is not free, according to Shiv Khera. Freedom implies responsibility, says Kant. Your freedom sooner or later will meet the limits of another person’s freedom, says John Stuart Mill. There are also voices that say that your freedom was made possible only by the oppression of another. And just because you might feel free, it doesn't mean the struggle for freedom is over. And how free are we really, if we are chained to our work and cannot live without technology? Could the same technology that holds us in a tight, loving grip help us setting us free?

Longer text available here.

ACT Award 1

The first ACT Award consists of four prizes of €10.000 each.

ACT Award 2: Hybrid Experiments

The second ACT Award consists of three prizes of €10.000 each.

In 2023 en 2024 STRP is doing an in-depth research on hybridity of artworks. How can a physical artwork and a digital version be complementary, how can they interact, how can physical and online audiences mix? STRP is looking for proposals for next level hybrid artworks.

All winning projects of ACT Award 1 and 2 will be exhibited at STRP Festival 2024.


Entries for the ACT Award should be submitted via act@strp.nl no later than February 10, 2023. A jury will assess the project plans and select the winners.

A complete entry includes:
• A mention of the ACT Award that the application is for (1 or 2)
• A description of the project (max 2 A4) in which you also explain how the project will be executed (both offline and online);
• Two to four photos/illustrations and/or a link to a video that illustrates the project;
• A clear and sufficient budget plan that fits in the maximum budget. Please note that the budget you are requiring might be smaller than the maximum;
• An up-to-date resume

Please submit this information in the form of a pdf of maximum 5 pages in English.

The jury

Ali Eslami
Antònia Folguera
Faye Kabali-Kagwa
Nadine Roestenburg
Ton van Gool

Important dates

• Deadline for applications: February 10, 2023
• Announcement of the winners: April 16, 2023
• STRP Festival: April 11-14, 2024

More information

For specific questions you can contact Ton van Gool via ton@strp.nl.