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Throwback STRP Scenario programme

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24 May 2022

For this past festival, STRP again collaborated with creative co-creators for a daily series of public talks in surprising formats about the ethics of technology and the impact it has on our individual and society. With this Scenario programme, we dived into themes related to The end of infinity together with artists, philosophers and the audience.

20220407 STRP 2022 Scenario 16 DSC6384 LR
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STRP Scenario #16: Interspecies Internet

On Thursday we kicked off with STRP Scenario #16: Interspecies Internet. Together with co-creator Ayoung Kim, we invited several speakers to explore ways to integrate the data sphere into the natural world. For this Scenario, Ayoung Kim also designed a virtual underwater world in VRChat, where both visitors in Eindhoven and VRChat users could attend a live performance. Next to Ayoung Kim, artist and writer James Bridle, media artist and educator Sara Grant, artist and researcher Soyo Lee, and design duo Cream on Chrome were guests.

Rewatch the livestream of Scenario #16 here!
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STRP Scenario #17: Crypto Therapy for Mixed Crypto Feelings

For everyone who wanted to face their own feelings about crypto currencies and NFTs, on Friday there was STRP Scenario #17: Crypto Therapy for Mixed Crypto Feelings. In four therapeutic group sessions - three in Eindhoven and one online - artist Kyle McDonald and writer and artist Dr. Michelle Kasprzak discussed our confusion, excitement, frustration, financial turmoil and maybe even changing friendships due to the complex phenomenon of crypto currencies and NFTs. Look back on the therapy sessions with Pernilla Ellens' therapy report and Julia Kaganskiy's fictionalised script.

Tip: Recently, Scenario co-creator Kyle McDonald launched “Amends” where he hopes to mitigate all historical emissions of three major Ethereum NFT marketplaces at a cost of over $17M by auctioning three sculptures. Read more here.
20220409 STRP 2022 Scenario 18 DSC8862 LR
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STRP Scenario #18: Infinite Conversations

On Saturday STRP and co-creators Lundahl & Seitl + Untold Garden (also on view in the STRP Expo with their work Garden of Ghost Flowers) invited media philosopher Yuk Hui to reflect on non-human computer use and wilderness in the digital garden. Following this keynote, Yuk Hui wrote an abstract of his essay 'Imagination of the Infinite: A Critique of AI'. In the second part of the Scenario, Lundahl & Seitl + Untold Garden presented 'Infinite Conversations': conversations held in complete darkness, accompanied by invisible guides. As conversations were captured by human microphones, visitors could participate both off- and online.
20220410 STRP 2022 Scenario 19 DSC6639 LR
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STRP Scenario #19: Counter Consideration

STRP Scenario #19: Counter Consideration took the form of a low-tech hybrid audio experiment, where the floor was given to artists from South Africa, Kenya and Ghana who explored their work and discussed their ideas about the future. Together with affect lab and Faye Kabali-Kagwa, we invited visitors to take a walk through DOMUSDELA's garden and listen to stories in different formats, such as an audio diary, flash fiction, an intimate conversation between creators, sonic soundscapes or a live discussion. The audio experiment is part of an ongoing project by affect lab for the Toolkit for the Inbetween research. Check it out here.